Wednesday, 15 July 2015


I want to travel Los Angeles. Los Angeles (LA) is the second largest city, in America, It's also home to film stars, sunny tall buildings and heavy traffic.There are many interesting places you can visit, like Venice Beach with its street performers, Universal Studios to see how they make films, and' GriffIth Park.I can also see the handprints and footprints of film stars outside Grauman's Chinese Theater.You can buy cheap fashionable clothes on Melrose Avenue. I think a visit there is always unforgettable.LA is a modern city with something for everyone. It's noisy and crowded but it's also fascinating.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Women Versus Men

What determines female and male character; personality, nature or environment and education? In my opinioan all of them affcet a persons identity.Country cultures influence basic part of a person identity.In my country, Turkey, is a historical an traditional country.Females and males have some different life styles.Friendship is most important my country.Most men enjoy doing things together such as playing soccer,camping, playing tennis. Women, on the other hand,usually prefer just best addition, some women are concerned with care of children and cooking food.I want to change roles of men and women in Turkey.


 I have two favorite languages English and Arabic.I would like to learn Arabic for religion.Why is English such an important language today? There are several reasons.English is also the language of the businessworld. For example, when a Turkish businessman buys something from a Chinese businessman he usually speaks English.At airports I can always hear English, and at the cinema I can watch a film in English.I know that it is difficult to learn a new language.In my dream I want to read a lot of english classic book.For example Virginia Wolf ,George Orwell, Charles Dickens etc.Hopefully I am going to read all of them.


The first attempt at snowboarding can be a miserable experience. For the novice, the only controls are stop (sit down) and go (very fast). Fortunately, after a newcomers master the art as quickly as they fall down.Some proponents maintain that their sport is safer than skiing. Since there is just one board,the legs can never cross, so there are fewer broken ankles and hips . The injuries that occur are usually bruises to the upper body as a result of falls and occasional collisions with trees  and other down hillers.This information I read some sports magazine.Actually I cant interested any extreme sports but I prefer watch on the television.

Welcome to My blog

Hi   My name is Emrullah. I was born in Diyarbakır in the south east part of Turkey. Firstly, I would like to give you information about my family. I have two sisters. One of her name is Şeyma who is about to start the collage this year and my older sister’s name is Zainab who is housewife keeping herself busy with her children. My mother’s name is Aklime from Diyarbakır who is coming from Kurdish origin. She is responsible for the house work. My father’s name is Şükrü who is from Mardin and originally Arab/Syrian. He is retired and currently dealing with his business. We live in Mersin because of my father’s work.If I need to give information about myself, I grew up and studied in Diyarbakır until the end of my high school. Then I studied at the Department of Political Science and Public Affairs at Kocaeli University. Upon graduation in 2011, I studied at Erciyes University for a year for my master’s degree with thesis.  My English is at intermediate level and I come to Calgary for improve my English. Due to the fact that my father and mother use Turkish at home, I was unable speak neither Arabic nor Kurdish. However, my father can speak Arabic and my mother can speak Kurdish .I am interested cinema and music.My favorite directors are Tarkovsky, Kim ki dunk, Akira kurosawa.